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Pen rendered
 -still no humans





Fully-shaded pencil sketch
-please no human figures ;-;





(examples coming soon)
just a simple may have little shading depending on what the outcome is.

-no humans please...I still feel like I'm unqualified/not that talented on this aspect








Random Collaboration
A random collaboration with :iconnoiseno97:
Its basically just The Monsterkids from our AUs :p
I had a hard time figuring out a pose cuz her version of MK, is like around 15/20ft??? Correct me if I'm wrong, I was basing his size out of your other works xD While mine is just 4ft tall and Lithos(a giant lizard made out of rocks and dirt) is just around 7ft? So yea, they're tiny XD
I did the line art while she did the coloring. 

Apocatale is by :iconnoiseno97:
Endtale is by meh :iconimatrashcan2:


-Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged.
-Write 13 things about yourself.
-Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged.
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this".
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

*I got tagged by :iconnoiseno97: just why bruh?

13 things about me

1-I'm weird
2-I like watching people...
3-I like making annoy people
4-I stalk my enemies(don't worry the people here are the ones who I really have grudges on)
5-I like horror movies and movies in general
6-I'm an introvert
7-I almost cut(?) my arm cuz I tried touching a crocodile at a zoo when I was young(I thought it was a statue but then it blinked)
8-I trained my pet fish, Oscar(he is an Oscar)(he died a year ago ;-; ), directions...but only left and right
9-I tried to take care of a venomous baby snek when I was young
10-For some unknown reason people(according to a dude who is my friend)I am scary???
11-I love learning new things
12-Sometimes I know stuff which I don't know(it makes sense, right?)
13-I hate talking in front of crowds

Questions from Noise (srsly why me?)

1-Have you done something stupid/weird yet you have no regrets in doing it? If so What is it?
---Yep, kicking a dude in the nuts cuz he tried to kiss/hug me? (Who paid him to do that?)

2-What's the funniest thing you have encountered in you're life?
---A lizard who had its mouth open and is shaking its head like crazy

3-Which comes first? the egg or the chicken?
---The egg...cuz its still developing inside

4-In your perspective,what is the most expensive thing in the world?
---anything worthless, I mean, THEY CAN'T EVEN PUT PRICES ON THOSE THINGS!!!!!

5-If you have a superpower,what would that be?

6-What's your favourite fandom?and favourite ship in that fandom?

7-If you have the rights to own any kind of animal as a pet,what animal would that be?
---A wolf

8-What do you do when you're procastinating?
---nothing, thinking most likely

9-What's your favourite food??Can I have some??
---Ketchup...I thought you don't like the stuff?

10-If the time stops and you are the only one that is moving,what would you do?
---move people's poses XD

11-What's your favourite game?
---hide and seek

12-Uhhhh I don't know what to ask anymore uhhh Do you have something to say/shout?
---why me bruh? idk 13 people here...

13-My questions are weird,aren't they?

13 Questions from me

1-How did you feel about getting tagged?

2-Hobbies? Aside from art?

3-Favorite Animal?

4-If you could achieve something, what would it be?

5-The apocalypse is near! What is your weapon?

6-Cats or dogs?

7-What is the most random thing you have done?

8-If you could go back in time where would you go?

9-Do you think alternate universes exist?

10-If your drawings can come to life, what would you draw?

11-Do you consider yourself weird?

12-Ever seen a ghost? If yes, what did it look like?

13-This is hard, idk what to ask anymore...anything to say to me?

"Tag 13 deviants"
The people here are mostly random cuz...I don't know people here that yea


13 people
most of them are random
sorry if I'm bothering ya people above ^^


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello random person/artist! Welcome to my DA Account!

*is not sure what else to put here*


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